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Fake Fit Notes

What type of sick note is for sale on this page?
If you miss work your employer may demand a doctor’s certificate and will have to attend the doctor to get a Department of Social Security sick note, a “Med 3/Sick-Fit Note”. The type of sick note is the standard UK sick note (great for explaining sick days); and after you pay, you can chose to receive a computer generated sick note (standard since January 2013) or a hand-written sick note (often used in hospitals, and surgeries with older IT systems).

This sick note can also be used to explain absences from University/College or explaining you are unfit to travel.

Once you have made your payment, you will be automatically directed to a page where you can customize your note (dates, time off, illness type etc) and select the doctor/surgery you wish the note to be stamped from, or you can elect to receive a blank (but stamped) sick note, which you can fill in with handwriting.

Once you have paid, you will also receive a confirmation email from our payment provider, please quote the reference from this in any emails to us.

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These Med 3's are the new type and include the 'Statement of Fitness for Work'
New Med 3's include 'Statement of Fitness for Work'
Fit Notes, NHS 'Statement of Fitness for Work' Official Form Med 3 National Sick Pay Note
fake med 3 sick note for sick pay in the UK
Doctors Stamp- All fake-sick notes come with an official sick note stamp
These can be used to cover your
Sick Days
and Sick Pay

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