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UK Sick notes: Which type do you need?
We offer 2 types of sick notes (for novelty use):

1. The Fit/Sick Note (most common for workers in the UK) which were introduced in 2010. It explains absences from work, when one should return to work, phased returns to work etc. When you buy one of these the front is filled in by the doctor, and the rear is filled in by you. This form is officially known as 'Med 3 10/17' (and was previously known as Med 3 04/10 and Med 3 01/17) - for more detail on the Fit/Sick Note click here.

2. Also we offer a private sick note which is good for missed deadlines or missing exams at school, college or university- can also be used for explaining an illness that caused you to miss loan or mortgage repayments etc. Some employers with private illness or insurance schemes will ask you to provide private type note.

Do you offer Computer Generated Fit/Sick Notes?
Yes, 99.99% of notes are computer generated fit/sick note complete with barcode. Our Novelty Use Sick Notes mimic these.

How do I order?
On the product pages ; Fit-Sick Note (UK), Private Sick Note (UK), Australian Sick Note - you will see a buy now button - enter the details you want on your note and pay. If you want to pay our fee by bank transfer, just pop us an email, and we'll let you know our details.


Who uses Computer Generated Sick Notes, and who uses handwritten sick notes?
All surgeries have a choice on whether they use handwritten or computer generated sick note, however it is common practice for surgeries to complete their sick notes in a computer generated fashion.

The handwritten sick note is occasionally but rarely used by hospital doctors, and on occasion by GPs, for example before the electronic version has been integrated into their practice’s IT system or when they are on a home visit.

Can my boss or school check up to see if the note is real?
NO- your employer or school/university cannot contact your doctor without your permission. Any doctor/surgery/hospital cannot disclose any medical information about you to any third party without your consent.

You need a detailed letter from a doctor explaining a particular situation or specialist appointment?
We offer customized doctors letters for £39.99 - click here for more details and ordering. Explanations of historic, long term or long absences from university often require a letter, as a sick note is usually only for recent and shorter absences, explained in simple terms.

Can I get an unfit to travel certificate? Get out of that unwanted trip!
Yes, if you order a standard fit/sick note, and when ordering, add in the comments section 'Unfit to Travel' - we can email a scan or photo of your certificate within 24 hours, often quicker.

Can I get a back dated or post dated sick note?
Yes, not a problem, you can customise your sick note to the dates of your choosing, whether they are in the past or the future.

What is a Med 3 Fit Note and when should it be used?
Evidence that you are are ill, or have been ill.
If you are ill for more than a few days, your employer can ask you to give them some form of medical evidence to support payment of SSP (statutory sick pay).
It is up to your employer to decide whether you are incapable of work. A medical certificate, now called a 'Statement of Fitness for Work’ from your doctor is strong evidence that you are sick and would normally be accepted, unless there is evidence to prove otherwise.
You could also provide evidence from someone who is not a medical practitioner, e.g. a dentist. Your employer will decide whether or not this evidence is acceptable. If your employer has any doubts, they may still ask for a medical certificate from your GP.

When was the Statement of Fitness for Work - ’Fit Note' introduced?
The 'fit note' was introduced on 6 April 2010. With your employer's support, the note will help you return to work sooner by providing more information about the effects of your illness or injury.

If you had a real Doctors Cert /Sick Note you could:

Get extra holidays from your employer for less that the price of a doctors visit
Have a Day Off
Have A Week Off
Have A Duvet Day
Get More Holidays
Pull a Sickie
Get an extension on a deadline

Things you shouldn't be using Novelty or Fake Sick Notes For:
Get out of a Gym Membership
Claim Cancellation Insurance from your Travel Insurance by claiming you are unfit to fly
Claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
Claim Sick Leave Pay
Claim Company Sick Pay

Australian Doctors Note/Sick Certs for Australia - Only £10.99
Cheaper than a visit to the doctor
UK Doctors Note/Sick Certs for the UK - Only £10.99
Guaranteed 48 delivery of authentic looking replica doctors sick certificate. Written on official doctors notepaper, with real stamp. See our gallery for how your doctors sick note may look.
Choose from Doctors at medical centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow - or any other area.

Why do you charge £10.99?
Other websites that sell printable downloadable docs sick notes don't have the expense of printing and posting your document to you. They leave the onus of producing a quality fake sick note on you. We don't, we produce a quality sick note on quality paper and stamp it with a real docs stamp. Your note is filled in, and looks as good as an original medical cert that you would have leaving any doctors surgery. We sell only a few of these a week - no other person has our templates, so you won't be seeing other people trying to get away with using a similar note to yours - we don't want to swamp the market with fake sick notes, HR departments would get weary. Buying a fake docs note from us ensures you are part of a small group- and you shouldn't get caught out, because our doctors sick notes look 100% genuine.

I want some advice on an illness to excuse my absence from work or school?
We would suggest:
Depression (Clinical Depression is a term no longer commonly used)
Mononucleosis (Very Bad Sore Throat)
Chronic Eczema (Rash)
Respiratory Infection (non-specific)
Asthma (Chronic)
Upper Respiratory Infection (URI, or Common Cold)
Allergic Reaction - Allergic Rhinitis or Food Allergies
Fifth Disease (Viral Rash)
Roseola (Viral Rash)
Otitis Media
Pharyngitis / Tonsillitis

Or a physical injury such as Back Ache or Sciatica

Fractures and Sprains: If you want to add a Fracture or a Sprain as your illness follow these guidelines/examples:
Good Description: Fracture to Left Tibia
Bad Description: Broken Leg
Good Description: Ankle Sprain, L, Gr. 2 (Sprains are graded 1 to 3, 3 being most severe)
Bad Description:
Sprained Ankle

Food Poisoning: Food Poisoning is not an illness, it is not a medical reason for being off work/college/uni; Food Poisoning is merely a reason why someone may get an illness, such as Gastroenteritis, or Diarrhoea

Related Illnesses: Illnesses/Medical Reasons for absences are always simple. You can use 'stress' but not 'stress related'. And it would be more common to have a diagnosed Illness, not a list of symptoms.

Car Accident: A car accident is not a medical reason, fractured ribs would be a medical reason - remember, if you were in an accident, don't use the day of the accident as the day on the sick note, as if you do have a physical injury - getting and absence explanation isn't going to be the first thing on your mind.

What date should you put the doctors visit?
Doctors usually give a sick note, towards the start of the illness - this is when the doctor would usually give the sick note. The sick note would cover 1-3 days before the visit, and up to 2 weeks after the visit. And in exceptional circumstances, one month after the visit.


Warning: Read Before You Buy A Fake Sick Note


Fake Fit Notes

Disclaimer: Although our products look extremely authentic, they are for educational/entertainment use only. We are not responsible for misuse of our products. Please use our products with caution and care. do not encourage illegal use of doctor's excuse notes and this in not intended to substitute the advice of legal council. The products mentioned on this site did not require medical council evaluation or approval and there is no guarantee as to the outcome of their use. We do not condone intentional false absence from work or school.
We Strongly advise you to read our full disclaimer / terms & conditions before ordering/using any product bought on this website

Please note that documents purchased on this site are to be used for entertainment purposes only. We do not condone intentional false absence from an employer or educational institution. We do not condone illegal use of these documents. Delivery times exclude weekends.
Legal Disclaimer to government agencies:
All products and services provided by are novelty items. All Novelty sick note products provided by are neither copies nor attempts to pass off official medical forms or any other government form from any country. We do NOT violate the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act (1981) of England and Wales. We do not sell and never have sold to the US mainland, its outlying islands, dependencies, colonies, and military stations. Fake sick notes/ Novelty sick notes is used as a generic term on the site and has no implicit meaning. Much of the content on this site is for search engine purposes only, and any implication of misuse of products sold is unintentional.


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