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Monsy doctors and surgeries use computer generated (filled in) sick notes complete with a barcode.

Here at , we can provide you with a computer generated sick note.

Please note, if you opt for a computer generated sick note, then you will only receive one sick note. You cannot avail of the get one free offer - this is only for the non computer generated sick notes.

After you pay, please complete this form, and we will post you your computer generated sick note.

Computer generated sick notes are for UK only.

Who uses Computer Generated Sick Notes, and who uses handwritten sick notes?
All surgeries have a choice on whether they use handwritten or computer generated sick note, however it is becoming common practice for surgeries to complete their sick notes in a computer generated fashion. This is to reduce incidences of misuse.

The handwritten sick note will still be used by hospital doctors, and on occasion by GPs, for example before the electronic version has been integrated into their practice’s IT system or when they are on a home visit.



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