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DoctorsNoteStore.com have been making fake Professional Documents for the UK, New Zealand, Europe and worldwide for the last 11 years. Started in 1997, we are the fastest, most reliable provider of quality, effective fake professionals documents on the web.

We are part of the MDM Enterprises Group (South Africa) Limited

Why risk your money elsewhere? DoctorsNoteStore.com have over a decade of trading history, and you are guaranteed to get what you order in the shortest possible time.

Our Product Range Includes:
Doctors Sick Notes for the UK - from NHS Doctors
Doctors Medical Cert for the UK - from UK Private Medical Facilities
Sick Notes and Medical Certificate from Aussie Doctors from Medical Centres in Australia

Other Professional Documents in our partner websites include:

Quality, realistic designs
Our years of experience tells us what works in the real world. We are experts at fake printing & design. You can be confident that your Fake Document will do the job you require of it.

A range of features that make our fake documents look real, which lend added authenticity to the documents.

High Definition Printing
All our doctors stationery is quality BOND PAPER (exact same quality as that used in hospital, doctors surgeries, etc.) produced on high definition printers, costing many thousands of pounds sterling each. HDP printers offer durability, exceptional print quality and an overall impression of quality and authenticity in our fake documents.

Excellent Design/Reprographics
We know that good quality printing is not all it takes to produce a good quality fake document. We take great care in the production process to make sure the design is believable, and an exact replica of any office's headed paper as necessary.
Excellent Medical Professional Language used in our fake notes from Doctors.
We have employed REAL doctors to draft templates of real sick-notes to ensure your document will not be questioned by anyone

Same Day Fake Document Shipping
All documents are shipped from our offices the same day the order is received. We are the only fake document website in the UK or Australia to offer such a rapid turnaround on fake documents.

Top-level customer service

All emails are answered within 24 hours.

An established, reliable website

Why risk sending money to a company with no trading history? We have been in business for over ten years, and you are guaranteed to get FAKE DOCUMENT if you order from us.

As a BONE FIDE company that's been trading for many years there are a few things we DO NOT offer and kindly ask customers not to enquire namely:
Fake Prescriptions - that's fraud!


1997 - 2011

All documentation is of the highest quality available and meticulously prepared to your explicit instructions.
All our documents are computer generated on industry standard premium forms and are on approved National Health Service forms.
By using our services you are assured of quality products every time with NO hidden extras.
We never divulge client information with third parties and we never sell or rent your personal information to anyone.
We ALWAYS delete your details within 48 hours unless specifically asked to.

You can place your order with total CONFIDENCE.

One thing YOU the client must be wary of: companies without a terrestrial postal address, and/or just and answer phone. Why do they have to hide?? Bone fide companies always have a postal address and someone at the end of the phone.
We have nothing to hide and some customers come to our offices to collect their orders. We are not a one man band - we have 2 employees and are part of a privately owned group of companies.
All orders are sent via 1st Class Royal Mail or Special Delivery.

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Fake Fit Notes

Disclaimer: Although our products look extremely authentic, they are for educational/entertainment use only. We are not responsible for misuse of our products. Please use our products with caution and care. DoctorsNoteStore.com do not encourage illegal use of doctor's excuse notes and this in not intended to substitute the advice of legal council. The products mentioned on this site did not require medical council evaluation or approval and there is no guarantee as to the outcome of their use. We do not condone intentional false absence from work or school.
We Strongly advise you to read our full disclaimer / terms & conditions before ordering/using any product bought on this website

Please note that documents purchased on this site are to be used for entertainment purposes only. We do not condone intentional false absence from an employer or educational institution. We do not condone illegal use of these documents. Delivery times exclude weekends.
Legal Disclaimer to government agencies:
All products and services provided by Doctorsnotestore.com are novelty items. All Novelty sick note products provided by doctorsnotestore.com are neither copies nor attempts to pass off official medical forms or any other government form from any country. We do NOT violate the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act (1981) of England and Wales. We do not sell and never have sold to the US mainland, its outlying islands, dependencies, colonies, and military stations. Fake sick notes/ Novelty sick notes is used as a generic term on the doctorsnotestore.com site and has no implicit meaning. Much of the content on this site is for search engine purposes only, and any implication of misuse of products sold is unintentional.


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